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Phoenix Plumbing Repair is the right solution for all of your plumbing repair needs. Your call is very important to us so we are ready to receive it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We repair and service all brands of plumbing systems. Our Phoenix service call is free with the plumbing repair.  We never perform any plumbing repairs without your approval of the itemized plumbing repair estimate we provide. For your confidence we offer a low-cost price matching policy to make sure that you pay the lowest possible plumbing repair price in Phoenix. We don't charge any extra for traveling or for weekend and night appointments.

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The information below is to help you get more familiar with plumbing systems, which describes ways you can use your plumbing in more effective and efficient ways. These tips can also help you save money on your utility bills and future plumbing repairs. They also may help extend the ongoing efficiency of your plumbing systems.
SAFETY WARNING: PLUMBING SYSTEMS CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO REPAIR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. Taking chances with your health and safety when there is an plumbing problem is not worth it. We strongly suggest that you do not get involved with any plumbing repairs without professional help. All plumbing repairs require professional training, knowledge and experience.  Without this professional background, repairs can be very harmful.  AC technicians use tools that are specialized for water, electric and gas systems. For professional service, call our plumbing repair service 24/7 at:


Plumbing is easy. It looks complicated because of the size of the pipes and the strange directions they take as they consume all the space under your sinks and stretch across your basement ceiling. But plumbing is still easy and the only tool you absolutely need to have for most plumbing work is a $6 pipe wrench.
Then you can begin to disassemble and reassemble all the plumbing in your house, or better still, practice on a neighbor's house, and quickly develop all the manual dexterity needed to complete any plumbing chore. But most people will not be able to remember everything they read between these covers, particularly if they have no occasion to use any of the information for a time. But there are some very fundamental truths that you can bear in mind about plumbing that will serve you in good stead no matter what you are doing.
When you pick up your tools and proceed to work on the house plumbing you can be certain of these facts:

1. Some pipes are threaded so that a fitting can be tightened on them by turning it clockwise. It can be loosened by rotating the fitting counterclockwise. This is true for 98 percent of all pipes and fittings.
2. The threads on the end of a pipe are conical; they are narrower at the tip of the pipe and gradually become larger and larger. You can split a fitting just by tightening it around a pipe thread too much. So only tighten as far as you can go without straining mightily.
3. The drain hole in the bottom of sinks and bathtubs is only a hole. It has no threads in it. There will be times when you will think it is threaded when you are trying to remove an old sink strainer and it refuses to budge no matter what you do. Whatever you do to get the strainer out of the fixture, you do not have to unscrew it.
4. All drainage pipes must slope at least V8 inch for every foot of their run toward the soil stack. The only exception is the drainpipe on appliances such as a waste disposer, washing machine, or dishwasher. Because these units pump out their waste water, the drain slope is not mandatory.
5. All pipe connections must be watertight. Very often a leaking connection can be fixed merely by turning the fitting a quarter or half a turn tighter. (See Number 1 above.)
6. All faucet handles are held to their stems by a screw. The screw may be hidden under a decal that must be pried loose, but there is a screw.
7. All globe-type valves, no matter what they look like, function and can be repaired exactly in the same manner as any standard faucet. The only difference between a globe-type valve and a globe-type faucet is that faucets have spouts.
8. You cannot connect pipes made of dissimilar materials without using special fittings. In other words, if you are installing plastic tubing and must connect it to a galvanized steel pipe, you must use an adapter that can be threaded onto the metal at one end, and solvent-welded to the plastic at the other.
9. All pipes should go as directly to their destination as possible. They may look as if they do not always do that, but they should.
10. All faucets must have an air cushion in their water supply piping.
11. All faucets should have a shutoff valve as close to them as possible.
12. All fixtures must have traps in their drain lines.
13. In times of emergency, when water is pouring through the walls and dripping off the ceiling, shut off the nearest supply valve, or turn off the main water supply valve. The main valve is usually positioned at the water service entrance. Be sure every member of your household knows where it is and how to close it.
14. When dealing with any plumbing, persevere. Be assured that no matter what you are trying to do there is probably a fitting or a tool that will allow you to do it. Your best chance of finding that supply or tool is at a plumbing supply outlet listed in the yellow pages of your local telephone book.

If you have the right tools and the proper supplies, plumbing is easy.

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