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If you bathtub or shower is leaking or not working efficiently, or you are experiencing any other problems just call our toll free number to get professional Phoenix shower repair help. We can bring your bathtub or shower to perfect working order. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment for your Phoenix bathtub and shower repair. We will work with you to set up a repair appointment for a time that is most convenient for your Phoenix shower repair.


Or you can send us your bathtub or shower repair appointment request via email. Please include in your name, phone number, zip code and a very brief description of your bathtub or shower problem. We will contact you as soon as we receive the email to confirm your Phoenix bathtub or shower repair appointment.

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The information below is to help you get more familiar with shower and bathtub systems, which describes ways you can use your shower and bathtub in more effective and efficient ways. These tips can also help you save money on your utility bills and future shower and bathtub repairs. They also may help extend the ongoing efficiency of your shower and bathtub systems.
SAFETY WARNING: SHOWER CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO REPAIR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. Taking chances with your health and safety when there is an shower and bathtub problem is not worth it. We strongly suggest that you do not get involved with any shower and bathtub repairs without professional help. All shower and bathtub repairs require professional training, knowledge and experience.  Without this professional background, repairs can be very harmful.  Shower and bathtub technicians use tools that are specialized for water, electric and gas systems. For professional service, call our shower and bathtub repair service 24/7 at:


Converting a Tub-Only

Faucet to a Tub/Shower If you have a two-handle, shower-only faucet that you'd like to upgrade to a tub/shower, your plumbing work will probably be easy. The existing shower faucet control likely has a plug on the top of its body; remove the plug and screw in the pipe for the showerhead.

Under/Around the Tub

If your remodel includes new flooring, it is best to lay the flooring before installing the tub and sink. That is, extend the flooring all the way under the tub and sink cabinet; this protects the subflooring. This method however, leaves the floor vulnerable to scuffs and damage as work proceeds, so protect it with a layer of cardboard or several layers of Kraft paper (thick construction paper sold at home centers). Once the tub is in place, protect the tub edge in the same way. I have seen people stand on the tub edge when working overhead and scratch it with their shoes. Where heavy walking is done, put down a carpet runner.
If you do butt new flooring up to the tub, be sure to caulk the tub/flooring interface area with 100 percent clear silicone to keep water from going down under the tub edge.

Multiple Showerheads

If you want to shower with your spouse or relax your aching body in a multiple spray of soothing warmth, a shower equipped with two or more Showerheads may be for you. Women especially love multiple Showerheads because the extra water rinses hair faster and makes it easier to shave legs. For best shower results, the shower stall should be spacious: 5 ft., the length of a common tub, is the minimum length for a shower holding two people. Contrary to what you might think, a standard tub is not too narrow to have the heads vertical as opposed to horizontal, and she only uses two of our three heads. Actually, a three-head shower is a bit of overkill. A two-head shower works best in a common tub or shower stall. If space is tight, consider a neo (corner-style) shower that is 38 in. by 38 in., but don't expect it to hold two people.

Boring Shower to Unique Shower

Showerheads Showers can be boring—or showers can be fun and relaxing. And so do many others as indicated by the upward sales of specialty shower-heads. Replacing a showerhead is an easy job that delivers a huge return; it is often the first remodel work done in a home. Showerhead designs offer water that cascades, rains, or pulsates from the fixture. Multi shower head fixtures offer it spray of water front more than one location within the shower. Though the work of upgrading a showerhead may be easy, look before you leap. First, take a look at the shower arm, which is the chrome pipe that connects to the showerhead. Is it anchored securely to the wall? Grab the Shower head and see if the arm moves around. If it (toes, you will need to secure it inside the wall using a plumbing fitting called a drop-ear elbow. The fitting mounts to a nailer (also called blocking) placed flat between two studs inside the shower wall immediately behind where the shower arm goes into the wall. The fitting has female threads for the arm at one end, and its right-angle end points down to connect to the pipe coming out of the shower faucet Mounted below attach the fit-ting to the nailer via two drywall screws. It is possible that a drop-ear elbow was used (even though the pipe flops around), and that whatever it was attached to was not secured. Either way, you will need to rip open the wall immediately behind the showerhead. If you are lucky, there will be a closet behind, and you need only remove a piece of paneling. If not, you may have to rip out finished walls, which can be quite expensive. Since the work is (one from behind, you do not need to rip out the finished plumbing wall in the bath. However, if your home has two showers back to back, one wall will have to be cut into.
Next, decide whether the shower arm will stay or go. A chrome shower arm is inexpensive to replace, but if it must be kept, you'll want to remove the old showerhead with minimal scratching to the pipe. Since a common pipe wrench or pair of pliers has teeth that will cut into the arm's fancy finish, we must find a way around that problem.

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