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If you water heater is leaking or is not producing hot water, or you are experiencing any other problems just call our toll free number to get professional help. We can bring your water heater to perfect working order. Call us anytime to schedule an appointment for your Phoenix water heater repair. We will work with you to set up a repair appointment for a time that is most convenient for you.


Or you can send us your water heater repair appointment request via email. Please include in your name, phone number, zip code and a very brief description of your water heater problem. We will contact you as soon as we receive the email to confirm your Phoenix water heater repair appointment.

Our water heater repair service areas include entire Phoenix and the surrounding cities:

Gold Camp


Apache Junction

Black Canyon
Casa Grande
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The information below is to help you get more familiar with water heater systems, which describes ways you can use your water heater in more effective and efficient ways. These tips can also help you save money on your utility bills and future water heater repairs. They also may help extend the ongoing efficiency of your water heater systems.
SAFETY WARNING: WATER HEATER SYSTEMS CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO REPAIR WITHOUT EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE. Taking chances with your health and safety when there is an water heater problem is not worth it. We strongly suggest that you do not get involved with any water heater repairs without professional help. All water heater repairs require professional training, knowledge and experience.  Without this professional background, repairs can be very harmful.  Water heater technicians use tools that are specialized for water, electric and gas systems. For professional service, call our water heater repair service 24/7 at:


Water heaters

Cool it and save

To avoid scalding and save money on your electric or gas bill, turn your water heater down to 120 degrees or lower. About the only appliance that would need water hotter than this would be your dishwasher, but most dishwashers these days have their own internal heater to raise the water temperature to 140 degrees for washing.

Is your water heater in a sweat?

If you think your hot water heater is leaking, it should be replaced. However, don't mistake condensation for leakage. During cold months, the incoming cold water in the morning may cause condensation on the outside of the tank.

Don't let a leak sneak up on you

To keep your hot water heater in top shape, drain two to three gallons of water from the valve at the bottom to remove any sediment that may have collected. If you do this about every six months, you may save yourself the trouble of repairing a leaky faucet valve. Removing sediment will also help the heater work more efficiently, saving you money each month on your power bill.

The right jacket for the job

If the outside of your water heater is warm to the touch, it's wasting energy. Cover the outside of the tank with a specially designed blanket of insulation.

Types of Water Heaters
There are several different kinds of water heaters. The differences are in the type of fuel they use and how they transfer heat from that energy source to the water. It is a good idea to plan for maintenance when a new water heater is being installed. Make it easy to drain and flush the tank; repair or replace heating elements, burners, heat exchangers, thermostats, and the temperature and pressure relief valve; inspect and replace the anode rod; and leave enough space around the unit to add an insulation blanket. Following are descriptions of five different kinds of water heaters.

For professional help call us 24/7 at


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